The world is moving towards becoming entirely driven by technology. Building software for billions of people is hard. With the emergence of Cloud computing we've accelerated software delivery but development tools have lagged behind. We think we've developed a model to effectively leverage the Cloud and now want to share it with the world.


Micro is an API first cloud platform built for developers. We provide a strongly opinionated development model and platform which abstracts away the complexity of the cloud so developers can focus on building products rather than managing infrastructure.


A Micro services architecture enables products to be broken down into smaller services which teams work on and scale independent of each other. Each team becomes responsible for the delivery of their particular service which others come to use through common APIs.


We want to empower developers to build software at an accelerated pace from early stage prototyping all the way through to large scale production deployment without having to think about managing the infrastructure. Micro unleashes developer productivity and is host to the next generation of cloud services.